Trumpet Lessons For Beginners

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners

We offer Trumpet Lessons for Beginners as  one-on-one private lessons for students of all ages and levels. A student is considered as a beginner if  he/she has never played trumpet before or has played for less than 6 months regardless to the students’ age. The best age to start Trumpet Lessons is 6 years and older. We teach children as well as adults.
You will not know if your child is ready to start trumpet lessons until you have  a trial lesson. That’s why we offer free try-outs.
Call or Text to schedule your introductory lesson:
(904) 477 1552
Trumpet Lessons for Beginners
If you like to rent a trumpet before you buy it, we recommend a local instrument shop: Rhapsody Music located at 12041  Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL
The trumpet is the highest pitched member of the brass family. It is also one of the oldest instruments in history. Ancient valveless trumpets date back to 2000 years B.C.. The modern trumpet has wrapped tubing and three valves. It is used in classical, jazz, and popular music. Modern trumpets also use various mutes to change the sound. Read more…
Playing the trumpet takes some physical effort, but the sound produced is very much worth it!