Testimonials from Wind of Change Academy Students:

Korri Zaharie

a week ago
We love Wind of Change.  They have an awesome staff and make music lessons very enjoyable for our six year old.

Michele Rutzen

3 weeks ago
Our daughter has been studying piano and voice with Miss Danielle for about six months now.  Her skills and her confidence have increased rapidly!  Miss Yana runs an organized, professional, affordable and fun music school.  We love everything about Wind of Change Academy!


3 weeks ago
I take adult piano lessons at this music school.  It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.  The school is set up and run by people who clearly know what they are doing.  Excellent value and very flexible with schedules.

Silke Falcke

2 months ago
We love Wind of Change Academy, the teachers are great!

Cindy Polite-Popejoy

3 months ago
Absolutely wonderful!  Yana is so pleasant to work with!  She goes out of her to accommodate her students and their families.  And I cannot say enough about Ms. Carrie; She is a phenomenal teacher.  Our 4-year old is having a blast with her piano lessons and we love it.  There’s no better choice for music lessons than Wind of Change Academy!

Nikki nu

3 months ago
Excellent instruction from Ms. Danielle for my 4 yr old

Vanessa Welch

4 months ago
Our daughter (14) has been taking voice lessons from Ms. Danielle at Wind of Change for about 8 months now. Her progress has been amazing and I would highly recommend Wind of Change to anyone.

Kendall N

6 months ago
My daughter really enjoys coming to Wind of Change.  She has so much fun with Josh and really enjoys learning guitar!

John Townsend

6 months ago
I always wanted to play piano so now that I am retired I am taking lessons from Josh and truly enjoying this activity.  Josh adapts to his students and Wind of Change is flexible with the schedule if you have plans that interrupt your appointed practice time.  I would highly recommend to those seniors that want to enhance their “brain’s power”.

Brandyce Rodriguez

6 months ago
Personalized and individualized lessons for adults as well. Awesome, Mr. Josh!

Liz M.

6 months ago
My son has been taking piano lessons here with Ms.Carrie for over six months and our experience has been wonderful! Ms.Carrie is an excellent, patient, and creative instructor – a perfect fit for our full-of-energy seven year old. It’s been wonderful watching our son progress. He looks forward to his lesson each week. I recommend the studio to all of our friends!


10 months ago
We love Ms. Carrie!  She is extremely patient and positive, and I have seen my daughter’s piano skills flourish since being at Wind of Change Academy. 

Lisa Losee

10 months ago
My daughter loves her voice lessons with Ms. Sharon. Her voice has improved and we are so proud! The studio is very helpful and accommodates our schedule.

Amy Trahan

a year ago
Ms. Carrie has been so wonderful with our Anna! Thank you! 🙂

H Garner

a year ago
Excellent piano instruction by Miss Carrie

De'Lena Freeman

a year ago
I enjoy Wind of Change Academy. My 3 year old son takes piano lessons with Ms. CARRIE. she is amazing 100%. She is so patient and makes sure he has it before moving forward. Ms. Carrie uses great learning tools to help him remember everything. He can read and play the notes. We have been here for almost a year. Last weekend he was in the Wind of Change Academy recital and it was amazing. All of the children were perfect. We are happy and will continue to stay.

Jeremy Casella

a year ago
My 3 y/o looks forward to her lesson every week!  Miss Carrie is AWESOME and has a special talent in teaching children.  Can not say enough nice things about WOC.

Alicia Slater

a year ago
We love Winds of Change Academy!  My daughter takes voice with Ms Carrie and she has learned so much and Ms. Carrie is so kind to her.  Ms. Yana goes out of her way to accommodate all of your needs and they really have the student at the center of everything.   We definitely recommend them!!

Diane Cooper

a year ago
The professionalism at WOC is above reproach. Steve’s preparedness, patience and instruction inspire me each week to practice. The front desk has worked with me when I have traveled and had to make up lessons. I would encourage anyone with a beginning music student to consider WOC.

William Grigoratos

a year ago
Incredible Experience.  I have an elementary school-aged daughter who started singing lessons.  Her teacher is absolutely phenomenal.  I would suggest anyone in Jacksonville try this school first.  They know music, and are committed to teaching it to my child.  Two thumbs up, five stars.

Maria Chiulli

a year ago
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!  Everyone is super friendly, professional and patient!  My teacher, Miss Jen is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor.  I am glad I decided to try them…..I do recommend Winds of Change Music School highly.
a year ago
My 9 yr old son loves his music teachers, Lauren (piano) and Steve (trumpet), at Wind of Change Academy.  The environment is relaxed but organized.  The owner is very in tune to the needs of the clients and manges to be very flexible with times and schedules.  We have tried other music lessons in the area but find Wind of Change the best for our needs due to the hours, experienced and friendly staff, as well as professionalism.

Paola Fabio

a year ago
My daughter is 4 years old and she is taking classes with Mr. Josh at Wing of Change academy.She loves it. She listens and Mr. Josh does an excellent to keep her sitting in front of the piano for 30 minutes. She is able to play some songs 🙂 now. We are so happy with the program 🙂  THANK YOU

Sam Hsieh

a year ago
I love the piano lessons here!  the teachers are very friendly and knowledgeble with their teaching. plus,  they provide pravite rooms with instruments for students to practice when its available. i just want to say that wind of change is a perfect place for people whom wants to study music.

Amber Bair

a year ago
I have been going to WOC for a little over a year now. I take piano lessons with Yana. She is great and runs a wonderful school. Would highly recommend! 🙂

Rochelle Seiler

a year ago
My son Shaun really enjoys piano. He has learned so much in a short time and asks for me to never take him out of piano.  Mrs. Yana is very patient and encouraging.

Dmitri T

a year ago
Great place to learn to play an instrument for a beginner such as myself. Music teachers are great with both younger and older students. I would highly recommend this school for anyone.

Riona Soni

a year ago
My 8 year old son takes trumpet lessons at Wind of Change Academy.  As a parent there’s no better feeling than watching your child take pride in, and enjoy something as much as he loves learning with Mr. Steve!  My 4 year old daughter plays the piano – the teachers adapt the lessons to make it fun at the different age levels!

Billy Register

a year ago
Our son (5 years) is taking piano lessons at Wind of Change.  He has progressed so much in just a few months.  He has already had a recital and did great!  He loves his teacher (Ms. Lyndee) and looks forward to going to lessons and practicing.  So happy we enrolled him in this program.

Charles Hafer

a year ago
The folks at Wind of Change Academy went beyond just piano lessons by helping to set up recording sessions and accommodating extra practice sessions for an upcoming audition! 😀

Karen Pietrylo

a year ago
A year ago I first stepped foot into the studio and met Yana and asked about voice lessons. Come to find out later I was the first person to sign up for lessons at this new location! How awesome is that? I can say for a fact that finding this studio and diving into musical study has been among the best choices I’ve ever made! I love music and everyone here does too. The teachers are amazing. They are patient and encouraging and love to teach their students to love music. I think that is just wonderful! I would encourage anyone interested in learning an instrument to check out the studio and sign up!! Yana is great and doing an amazing thing by running this school. 🙂

Ilona Asriyeva

a year ago

We have found the perfect piano teacher! His name is Mr. Josh at Wind of Change Academy. Our daughter started taking lessons when she was about 4 years old. Mr. Josh is passionate about teaching music. He’s good at working with kids. He’s creative and caring. We feel lucky to have found Mr. Josh.

Thank you very much.
Madfis Family.


a year ago
This music school is very good! I enjoyed my experience a lot and, more importantly, I learned a lot about music that one simply cannot learn on there own. My lessons were conducted on time and in a professional manner and the teachers there really know their stuff!


a year ago
Thanks Mr. Josh for teaching Diego. He loves his guitar lessons!

Opeartions landstar

2 years ago
Thank you Yana, my daughter loves her flute and piano lessons.  You have a beautiful school.  Corey Family


My kids and I have taken lessons at Wind of Change Academy for about three years. Yana and her team are fantastic. My kids (ages 9 and 11) have performed in recitals multiple times and their confidence has grown tremendously as a result. Me Andy and Ms Jude are wonderful hard working people who are very professional and encouraging. We love it here!

Jamie M.
My 3 children take lessons from the instructors at WOCA in piano, guitar and trumpet. It is a wonderful music school and all of the musicians that work there are encouraging, kind and knowledgeable. My children look forward to their lessons each week. I would highly recommend this school.

Ria W.
I've been taught by multiple teachers here and I adore all of them! They work with your schedule and abilities, it's a wonderful environment.

Allie C.
I have 2 kids that absolutely love taking music lessons at WOC. The teachers are great and very encouraging. My daughter had a talent show and Ms Jude developed and taught an arrangement for her perform. Also, my son had a band audition and Mr. Steve really took the the time pick the perfect pieces for him to play. Mr. Steve really helped to make sure my son would be ready for the audition. This is great school!

Marielyn M.
Ms Christina teaches our son the violin. She is everything you would expect from a teacher: she keeps our son on track, she encourages him, she shows by example. Thank you Ms Christina! Aurelie D.

Aurelie D.
I started attending violin lessons at Wind of Change four years ago and have been a student there ever since because of how kind, helpful, and professional the owner, Yana Weaver, is and how supportive and inspiring the teachers are. When I go to my lesson every week, I know that I am learning from qualified teachers who have my best interests at heart and encourage me to practice and improve my skills. Yana truly wants the best for everyone who learns music at Wind of Change and her love for her students is clear. I wholeheartedly recommend Wind of Change Academy to anyone who is considering signing their child up for music lessons or looking to attend music lessons themselves.

Likhita M.
The atmosphere is so peaceful. Yanis, the owner, is soo kind! Our daughter's electric guitar teacher, Daniel, is Really Good at teaching and planning for her growth. Excellent place, and an answer to a year's long wish.

Dee M.

It's been a great experience so far with my two sessions learning the piano at Winds of Change Academy. My instructor is nice and a great teacher, and theres no pressure. Can't wait to learn more as I go along.

David H.
I highly recommend Ms. Christina for violin lessons. She has been a patient and inspiring teacher for my teen daughter. Wind of Change Academy staff are very organized and professional, respond quickly to problems or concerns.

Evette R.