Piano Instruction

At Wind of Change Academy we understand how important to give each student exact piano instruction they are looking for. The quality of any piano class piano instructiondepends on many different aspects. There are many different components got to be put together during any piano lesson in order for the students to progress and enjoy their music lessons. High quality piano instruction is one of them.

Let’s go over what components are extremely important for the success of learning piano:
  • teacher’s personality needs to match the student’s
  • the way the piano instructor explaining everything should correlate with the way that students understand it
  • structure of the lesson need to be logical and organized in a step by step manner
  • different activities should be changed regularly throughout the lesson to keep it fun
  • material of each lesson needs to be age appropriate – this way the student says interested
  • students need to achieve a certain goal after certain amount of lessons

To get more information about our piano instruction, please, go to our Piano Lessons Page or call us at (904) 477 1552 and e-mail at wocjax@gmail.com