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Piano classes is a great activity to introduce your child to. Doesn’t really matter if you are planning for your little one to stay with the music education for years or just for several months. The benefits of piano lessons for children development are absolutely amazing. Every article and every research you read on that subject tells you how important it is for a young child to get some piano classesmusic lessons and specifically piano at some point of their childhood. So why it is so beneficial to introduce your children to the world of music? Let’s go over a couple of major points that make sense and shouldn’t  be overlooked by a parent.

Benefits of Piano Classes:
  1. Piano classes raise IQ. It does make sense because if you are familiar with the way reading music works you can definitely see how it exercises a child’s brain.
  2. Learning piano exercises parts of the brain used in mathematics, physics, geometry and other exact sciences. So piano classes will help your child to succeed in many school subjects and later in life in general.
  3. Improving listening skills. Piano lessons naturally involve hearing and working with sounds therefore it increases self-awareness and helps to comprehend and react to speech better.
  4. The way that piano keyboard is set up with the patterns of black and white keys helps to improve pattern recognition and thus mental cognition. Proportional thinking also is a huge part of music grammar: relation between different note values.
  5. Therfore piano classes develop logic.
  6. After taking piano lessons even for about 6 months you will notice significant improvment of motor skills. Playing piano helps to correct posture. It also exercises back and hands musculus.
  7. Improving memory. Proper learning music tunes involves memorization of each piece. That memorization is so complex that makes it exteremely easy for a child who memorizes songs on regular basis to memorize something else. Your child will be able to memorize number patterns or a text with minimum affort.

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