Keyboard Lessons

keyboard lessons

Wind of Change Academy offers keyboard lessons for student of all ages (3 years old to adults). We have 2 locations. It is conveniently located at 14180 Beach Blvd. & San Pablo Rd, 32250 and 10365 Hood Rd S, 32257. We are serving Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Neptune and Atlantic Beach areas.

We get asked very often: do you teach keyboard lessons or only piano lessons. In fact it is the same type of lesson. The way of learning how to play piano and keyboard is absolutely the same. But of course there is a big difference between and acoustic piano, grand piano and a keyboard (or an electric piano). In this article we will talk only the keyboard. If you like to learn about and acoustic piano as well, please, read our article How to Choose Piano.

The best thing about having a keyboard is that it works from electricity and always stays in tune. Meaning: you don’t need to spend money and time tuning it every 2 years or so. Another great thing about keyboards or electric pianos is that it has transposition option as well as many different sound effects like harpsichord or grand piano sound. With keyboard you can choose the smaller versions. Instead of getting a full size – you can purchase only 61 keys to start with. Please, note: you only should you a keyboard like that only up to 6 month and then move on to a full size (88 keys) preferably with weighted keys. Another important feature that you would need to have for your keyboard lessons is a pedal.

As for the keyboard lessons we recommend to schedule initial class to see how you like our teachers and our school first. We offer initial lesson to try. Click to schedule 1st class. We have NO contract and NO registration fee. Our Recitals are always FREE!

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