Singing Lessons

Hi there! Are you here because you are looking for singing lessons for yourself or your child? You are in the right singing lessonsplace and our music school will be very glad to help you with that!

Learn to sing with us!

Let us start by answering some questions about singing lessons:

Are those singing lessons near me – We are on Beach Blvd (14180) very close to San Pablo. Our zip code is 32250. We are in Jacksonville Beach. Do you know where West Marine is? We are in the same shopping center. You will see Music Lessons on  road and building signs.

Second location is in Mandarin close to Losco park: 10365 Hood Rd S #105, Jacksonville, FL 32257.

Front desk phone numbers:

Beach Blvd: (904) 802 5453

Mandarin: (904) 444 1548

How to see if we like the lessons –schedule a try-out. We offer 15 min for $12.50 or 30 min try out for $25. See how you like it first, maybe try several different teachers if you like and go from there? You could schedule it using the link on our mail page: click to schedule singing lessons try out

Do I have to pay a registration fee to start my singing lessons -no registration fee

Do I have to sign a contract – no, you go month to month or lesson to lesson

Will my child have a chance to perform – yes, we have free recital once a year and Christmas concert in December

singing lessons jacksonville fl

Now a little bit more information on what our singing lessons are about.

We are providing professional vocal lessons for children and adult. You will learn how to breath correctly while you are singing, how to use your head and chest voices, how to develop and control the power of your voice, what is your voice range and so on. We help our students to overcome stage fright and learn how to perform on public. Also helping our students to prepare for any auditions like LaVilla and Douglas Anderson.

WOC Academy offers singing lessons for beginners as well as for experienced singers.

We make sure that all our students feel comfortable in our school. We know how difficult it is to start something new and that’s why we are trying to make our students feel welcome every time they come in and have no pressure about anything. It is judgment free zone oriented on achieving great singing technique with creating confidence and enjoyment of music experience.

singing lessons jacksonville flOur instructors will make sure that you are working on the songs that you like. We are providing complementary singing tracks and/or life accompaniment to all our voice students. WOC also can make a professional recording of any music for you creating your personal (original) track for any song of your choice.

We offer free practicing facility for all our students.

  • Types of Singing Lessons in our school:

  • classical (opera), folk (country), pop, broadway and jazz
  • singing classes are all private one-on-one instructions.singing lessons jacksonville fl
  • instructions are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes long.
  • We have special programs to prepare students for Lavilla Middle School, Douglas Anderson High School or to participate in variety of National competitions like America’s Got Talent and Voice
  • Child’s voice is very delicate “instrument” and should only be placed in the hands of someone who is concerned with its longevity and health. We carefully look at the teacher’s educational background in vocal pedagogy, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, experience as a performer and teacher, and strong musicianship skills.

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