Voice Lessons for Beginners

voice lessons for beginnersVoice Lessons for Beginners Ages 5&Up

Wind of Change Academy is offering voice lessons for beginners for adults and children of all abilities. We are located in Jacksonville Beach at 14180 Beach Blvd (very close to San Pablo Rd). We recommend to start voice lessons no earlier than age 5. This way we make sure that you or your child get the most benefits out of your music instruction. At the age of 5 and later on vocal lesson can be taught in a proper way. Each voice lessons should have breathing exercises, articulation work and etc. Students younger than 5 are usually not fully capable of doing such things.

When starting voice lessons for beginners it is very important to have new music students develop healthy vocal habits. We teach our student how to take care of their voices. Important to know  that cold beverages are not favorable for keeping healthy vocal cords. Although it is ok to have dairy products during normal life activities, it is not recommended to have it right before you are about to sing. That includes singing on the stage as well as during your vocal class. When you start taking voice lessons, make sure you do not stress your vocal cords with extra vocal activities. Try to avoid talking for a long period of time or screaming/yelling. Be very protective of your newly used instrument – because this is what your voice is! You are making music with it.

Each of the voice lessons for beginners will include breathing technique work, vocal warm ups, articulation perfection and song of your choice. Breathing technique will give you an understanding and skills for how breathing is different while you are singing. You will be taught how to breath with your diaphragm rather than your chest. Vocal warm ups are usually using two important components: increasing/decreasing pitch – mostly in half step manner and having combination of different vowels and consonants. For children those exercise put together in funny cheerful phrases to make warm ups fun and easy.

Remember, you only want to put yours or child’s voice in hands of professionals. We are making sure that our vocal instructors have degree in vocal performances and pedagogy, not in any other music majors.

If you have any further questions about our voice lessons for beginners or would like to schedule your initial lesson, please, call (904) 477 1552

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