Voice Lessons for 5 Year Old

voice lessons for 5 year oldVoice Lessons for 5 Year Old Children

At WOC Academy we offer voice lessons for 5 year old. We believe that voice lessons could be taught that early. It is good to remember that vocal cords are not developed enough to receive a complete voice training at that time. But the age of 5 is the perfect point to start very important part of voice lessons – ear training.

Young children are very receptive to the sounds around them. If you have a child turn away from the piano, play a key and then ask the child to play several notes until the key you just played is found, he/she most likely will be able to find the correct key. It comes natural to them. But as we grow older – ear training becomes more challenging. That’s why if you are planning on giving your child some vocal lessons it is very beneficial to start their ear training early. For that reason in our music school we offer voice lessons for 5 year old children.

Another important component of voice lessons for 5 year old is finding perfect match with the teacher. The way that a teacher explains and demonstrates things should be logical, fun and creative. Vocal teacher needs to make a child feel very comfortable and positive. This way the student will be open to the teacher’s instructions and suggestions.

We also ask parents to be a big part of their child’s voice lessons. After the class (if a parent was not in the room during the lesson) our instructor will explain what was accomplished during the class. The teacher will give your child some homework. Please, help the student to organize their homework process where voice and breathing exercises are part of their daily routine. That will contribute tremendously to their voice and ear training success.

If you have any further questions about our voice lessons for 5 year old or would like to schedule your initial class to see if your child likes it, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (904) 477 1552

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