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ukulele lessons Ukulele Lessons for Students Age 5 &Up

Wind of Change Academy is offering ukulele lessons for students starting age 5. First step in taking ukulele lessons in our school would be scheduling your initial class. We offer 15 min for FREE to try. During that class you or your child will get details demonstration on what your lessons will be about. You also will see if you like the teacher’s personality and the way everything was explained to you. It is very important to have a connection with your instructor so you can relate to the educational material that will be provided to you or your child.

Ukulele is perfect alternative to a guitar. It is smaller, easier to hold. Strings are much softer. If your little one has a passion for guitar sounds, but is not able to hold guitar or/and reach all the threads, consider getting some ukulele lessons first.

We have NO Contract -NO Registration Fee. You can go month to month (having the same time and day every week) or lesson to lesson (possibility of changing schedule every week).

An alternative to learning guitar The Ukulele from First Coast Magazine 

ukulele lessons

If learning to play the guitar seems daunting, try the ukulele. They look like miniature guitars, and are played using the same techniques, but are easier and faster to learn because they have fewer strings and less range, Koch says. They are less expensive than guitars, and have nylon strings instead of wire like the guitar, so they are easier on newbie fingers. Ukulele music is “light and bright,” Koch says. “It’s hard not to smile when playing a ukulele.”

If you have more questions about Ukulele lessons, please, call us (904) 477 1552 or e-mail at

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