Electric Guitar Lessons

electric guitar lessons jacksonville flElectric Guitar Lessons for Children and Adults

WOC Academy is offering electric guitar lessons for children and adults at our location at 14180 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32250. We recommend to start those lessons at age 6 or later. Very often student will wonder if they have to start learning an acoustic guitar first and then move on to electric. The answer is: you don’t have to! You can start learning electric guitar right away. The most important thing when you choose the instrument for yourself or your child is to decide what kind of sound would the student like to make. And if the sound of electric guitar seams to be much more appealing, then this is the instrument you should go with vs. an acoustic guitar. At the end of the day it is important to like the way your instrument sounds when you are playing it. It will encourage practicing.

Electric guitar lessons technique is very similar to an acoustic. You will learn the same theory, the same way to read music, tabs and cords. Your electric guitar will be connected to an amplifier in our classroom. That will help you to enjoy it’s unique sound. Also because of an electric nature of this instrument vs. physics it is easier to press the string on an electric guitar. In that sense it makes it to be even better beginner instrument.

At WOC Academy we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced electric guitar lessons. First step is to schedule your initial class to try it. That lesson will give you very good idea on if this is the right instrument for you or your child. Another important aspect of the lessons is your instructor. Teacher’s personality is important for your lessons success. Most likely after your initial class you would know if you liked the teacher or if you wish to try someone else.

If you have any question about our electric guitar lessons or would like to schedule your initial session, please, call/text (904) 477 1552 or e-mail wocjax@gmail.com

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