Piano Lessons for Toddlers

piano lessons for toddlersPiano Lessons for Toddlers

At WOC Academy we offer piano lessons for toddlers: children ages 3-5. We are located at Jacksonville Beach: on Beach Blvd (14180) very close to San Pablo Rd.

Many studies show that piano lessons at an early age significantly help children development.  Also it gives them a greater chance of becoming proficient at playing the instrument and even of becoming professional pianists. For those reasons we believe that piano lessons should be started as early as physically and mentally  possible – meaning that the child is able to follow teacher’s directions and to seat on a piano bench without an adult help.

WOC Academy teachers are using complex of special methods that combine music games with formal piano instructions. During the lessons a child is actually taught how to read music and how to play the instrument along with ear training and rhythmical exercises. The perfect mix of games and formal training is crucial to achieving susses in piano lessons for toddlers.

Every toddler should get a chance to perform on a stage as early as possible.  For that reason we have our students to perform at our annual recitals at an early age. We get them ready to perform after about 3 months of lessons. Toddlers don’t usually have a stage fright. Great news! Playing a song in front of audience is pure fun and joy for them. By starting this experience early in life and continuing regular performances we are keeping this positive attitude towards playing piano in public.

In preparation for getting your child into piano lessons for toddlers program there is a good idea to make sure they are able to say by memory ABCDEFG . We only need to know 7 letters of the alphabet in order to learn music grammar. Also try to teach your child to say it backwards if possible.

For your first class, please, bring a notebook for teacher’s notes and recommendations. Your teacher might recommend a book to start with. We have most piano books at the school. If you decide to get a piano or a keyboard  for you lessons and need help on how to choose the right one, please, read our article on How to Choose a Piano.

For additional questions about our piano lessons for toddlers or to schedule your initial class, please, call: (904) 477 1552

You can also e-mail us at wocjax@gmail.com

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