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voice lessons

Wind of Change Academy is offering voice lessons for children and adults. Now we have 2 locations. Our 1st studio is located at 14180 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32250. 2nd location is at 10365 Hood Rd S #105, Jacksonville, FL.

The youngest age we recommend to start voice lessons is 5. First step in taking voice classes would be scheduling of initial lesson (15min or 30min). This lesson will help you to see what the lessons are going to be about and how you like our instructors and etc. You always can try several different teachers to see who you like better.

During the first class we recommend to let your teacher know why you are thinking about taking voice lessons. For example:  to get ready for an audition, to get better understanding on how to use your voice correctly, make your voice stronger. Some students want to learn how to sing harmony, how to match sound pitch, develop larger voice range, improve articulation and etc.

The Benefits of Voice Lessons:

Voice lessons will help you to learn how properly use your head and chest voices, how to control volume of the sound. It is very important to know  how maintain vocal health and not to hurt yourself while singing a lot. A lot of students need help on how to overcome the fear performing on public. Also our teachers can help you to work on particular song that you might need to perform somewhere or get ready for an audition. Most often prepare student for the auditions like DA, LA Villa, local theaters productions, shows Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

Every voice lesson will include different ways of training. That includes warm-up exercises and ear training. The instructor will help you to work on particular song of your choice. Sometimes the teacher will suggest a song that is the best for your voice. For children each song should be age appropriate.

There are many different types of voice lessons are offered at WOC. Such as classical opera, Broadway musical, pop, rock, R&B, country, jazz and more.

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