Guitar Lessons for Adults

guitar lessons for adultsGuitar Lessons for Adults of All Abilities

WOC Academy if offering guitar lessons for adults at our location at 14180 Beach Blvd. To start our lessons you don’t need to have any experience. Schedule your first initial lesson to see how you like it. We offer our students different options on how they want to learn guitar. We can teach you by reading tabs or by playing cords. If you like to know how actually read music (treble clef is used for guitar) we have particular book in mind that we will have your teacher working with you – MelBay Guitar Method.

We understand that being an adult you might have very limited  availability for you guitar lessons. For that reason we offer our adult students an option of going on lesson to lesson basis. This way you only scheduling one lesson at the time picking teacher/day/time/week that works with your schedule. We have no contract and no registration fee.

For the fist class you don’t need to have a guitar. You can use one if ours that we always have in the school. If you decide start taking our guitar lessons for adults, we recommend to get your own guitar so you can practice at home. With daily home practice you will get the most out of your lessons and achieve impressive results much faster. You don’t have to get anything expensive. We even recommend to go with used instrument for your first guitar – just to get you something that you will be learning on. When you get good – time to treat yourself with nice good quality guitar. If you already have it – bring your guitar to the first class. Our teacher will make sure it is tuned and ready to go for you. If you are left handed, we will restring it for you complementary.

If you have any further questions about our guitar lessons for adults or would like to schedule initial class, please, give us a call at (904) 477 1552

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