Bass Lessons

bass lessonsBass Lessons for Students of All Ages and Abilities!

Generally students are ready to start bass lessons no earlier than 7 years old.  But you will not know if your child is ready until you try it. We offer try-out bass lessons.

To schedule your try-out, please, call (904) 477 1552 $25 for 30 min!

Regular price is $120 per month and you get 30 min every week.

NO Contract! NO Registration Fee for Bass Guitar Classes!

At our Music School we offer Bass Lessons for students of all ages.  Very often it is recommended by music teachers to start with guitar before you learn bass, but many students decide that  they want to play bass as their first instrument.  It is absolutely fine from music professional point of view as long as student’s ability is allowing to learn the bass.

bass lessons

When you start bass lessons you should always consider the size of the instrument. The neck of a standard bass most often is measured  under 3 feet. According to music stores who sells bass guitars many guitar manufacturers produce smaller “short-scale” guitars designed for students with smaller bodies and shorter arms, generally 3/4 the size (meaning a 32-inch neck would be 24 inches in a short-scale model). Also when considering bass lessons we recommend to go with student’s preferences. Because they are the ones who would need to practice. So if your child has a passion for bass guitar, we would not recommend to push him to start with regular guitar first and get him some bass guitar lessons where he can learn right away bass guitar technique, bass scales and start enjoying playing songs on the bass as soon as possible.

  • Recommended age to start Bass Lessons is 6 years old.
  • Our classes are private one-on-one instructions or semi-private lessons for group of 2 students
  • We teach our students to use all 5 fingers while playing the bass.
  • You always learn to play the song off your choice
  • We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced bass lessons.
  • Our Lessons are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes long.