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Trumpet Lessons Jacksonville FL program for Student Ages 7&Up

trumpet lessons jacksonville flWind of Change Academy offers Trumpet Lessons Jacksonville, FL program as  one-on-one private lessons for students of ages 7&up.  Levels from beginner to advanced. We teach children and adults.  We also teach Bugle.
To schedule your Introductory  lesson, please, call:

(904) 477 1552

or e-mail wocjax@gmail
We teacher trumpet lessons at our 2 locations:
1st: 14180 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, 32250                |           2nd: 9810 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Trumpet Practice:

In order to be successful on the trumpet, the player must have good practice habits from the beginning. It can be tricky getting a sound out of the instrument in the first week.  Playing the trumpet is a physical activity, so practice is essential to build up the lung capacity, diaghram strength, and facial muscles required to play the instrument. It is easy to put down the correct fingering and produce a tone which is too high or too low, so a student must have or develop a good ear for pitch.
After a few months of study and diligent practice, a student can expect to have an octave range on the instrument, and be able to play basic tunes using the notes between low C and middle C on the trumpet. A few years of study should have a young trumpeter contributing to the sounds of a concert band, church ensemble, marching band, or jazz ensemble.
Playing the trumpet takes some physical effort, but the sound produced is very much worth it!

The trumpet is the highest pitched member of the brass family. It is also one of the oldest instruments in history. Ancient valveless trumpets date back to 2000 years B.C.. The modern trumpet has wrapped tubing and three valves. It is used in classical, jazz, and popular music. Modern trumpets also use various mutes to change the sound.

The tone on the trumpet is produced by a vibration of the lips. Students will learn to buzz their lips together and get the appropriate sound to enter into the mouthpiece. Trumpets are very easy to assemble: the mouthpiece just fits into the trumpet, and a trumpet player is ready to go. There are a few removable slides and valves, but a teacher will show you how to maintain the instrument using valve oil and slide grease.
If you have any questions about out trumpet lessons Jacksonville FL program, please, let us know.
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