Music Lessons

For Students of All Ages and Abilities! We offer music lessons for children and adults.

Hi there! Are you here because you are looking for music lessons for yourself or your child? You are in the right place and our music school will be very glad to help you to find perfect music teacher! We have many different teachers to choose from.  All music lessons are private and personalized. We are keeping our lessons fun, but yet professional.

Let me start by answering some questions about music lessons you probably have:

music lessons

  1. How far are the music lessons from me? – We have 2 locations. 1st location is 14180 Beach BLVD #10 Jacksonville, FL 32250 very close to San Pablo. Our zip code is 32250, so we are close to Jacksonville Beach.  2nd location is in Mandarin: 10365 Hood Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32257 very close to Losco Park.
  2. How do we know if we are going to like the lessons? – very first step: schedule a try-out. See how you like it first, if you are not sure about a music teacher you had, you can always try another one. We have several teachers for each instrument.
  3. Do I have to pay a registration fee to start music lessons? – never!
  4. Do I have to sign a contract? – no, it’s very easy to stop and start lessons
  5. What about Recitals? – yes, we have a free recital once a year during summer and Christmas concert in December.
  6. How do I talk to someone about music lessons  – call: (904) 802 5453 (Beach Blvd) and (904) 444 1548 for Mandarin Location.
  7. Is it a group class? – our classes are private music lessons: one-on-one
  8. Do you only teach children? – we offer music lessons for kids and adults.
  9. How do I get more information about this music school? Our Main Page: Wind of Change Academy and if you like to see Customers Reviews: Google Wind of Change Academy

All Music Lessons We Offer:

  Piano Lessons               Singing Lessons           Voice Lessons        Guitar Lessons          

 Banjo Lessons            Ukulele Lessons               Violin Lessons              Drum Lessons          Saxophone Lessons       

 Flute Lessons              Clarinet Lessons          Trumpet Lessons         

 Harmonica Lessons       Mandolin Lessons           Xylophone Lessons

Typically, students taking lessons come to our school once a week for one-on-one training sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 45 min and 60 min in length.

In order to reach a dissent level of proficiency at any instrument or singing a student should take lessons for period of time from 3 to 5  years. If a student takes music instruction for period of time of 5 years and more music instruction becomes a professional training.

We welcome students all levels and ages to take our music lessons. Our  educational program is individually created for every student. In recreational music contexts children and adults  can take our music lessons to improve their singing or playing skills and learn basic techniques. In professional training contexts students who takes lessons for 5 or more years learn advanced playing or singing techniques.

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