Music School

Private Music Lessons for children and adults:
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Trumpet, Harmonica, Xylophone.

In person or on-line music lessons are available!

stay safe and have some fun!

FREE 15 min Try-outs. Please, call our Front Desk to schedule: (904) 477 1552 ext.1

Our goal is for everyone to have fun during their music lessons while learning in their own pace. We want each music lesson to become great memory of every student’s life!

We teach all ages: 3 years old to seniors

call (904) 477 1552

No Contract  |   No Registration Fee  | Free Recitals

To see our students performing please, check out Video below from one of our Music Recitals. To see full Wind of Change Academy music lessons library of more than 400 videos please, go to Wind of Change Academy Facebook page | the link is on the left side of this page:)|

2 Convenient Locations: Beach Boulevard Location & Baymeadows Rd Location.
1. 14180 Beach BLVD #10, Jacksonville, FL 32250 (Between Hodges & San Pablo)
2. 9810 Baymeadows RD #10, Jacksonville, FL 32256 (Southside Blvd & Baymeadows Rd)
Gift Certificates are Available
At Our Music School – We Offer:

music school

1. Music Lessons for different instruments

Our Music School offers the following music lessons: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, Drums, Harmonica, Xylophone, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and continue reading…

2. Highly Qualified Teachers that are fully dedicated to music education 

We have several teachers for each instrument. This way you have an opportunity to choose the teacher who you or your child can really connect to. Please, check out our teachers performances on our FaceBook page.

Our Receptionists are trained to provide the best customer service and can help you with lessons scheduling and can answer any questions you may have about our music school. They are patient, very friendly and yet professional.

We care about instruments we use: half of our pianos are acoustic (Kimball, Baldwin) – perfect for advanced piano lessons. Another half is electric (full size 88 keys, weighted keys) – used for voice lessons. Each room has wall size mirror (for voice and violin lessons). For piano lessons we use adjustable benches and feet stools. Read more…

3. First Class is Free (15 min to try)

At our music school we offer  15 min  first initial lesson to see if you like it. You can keep trying different teachers/instruments until you find someone that you really like.  Please, note that we never raise our price on a current student. You always stay with the price you signed up with.

4. No Registration Fee/No Contract

There is NO contract and NO registration fee at our music school. Month to month payments (you will have the same day/time every week) with convenient autopay that you can cancel at any time. Also we offer an option of doing lesson to lesson payment and scheduling or purchasing and scheduling several lessons at the time.

5. Lessons for Children of all ages. Piano and Violin Lessons for 3 year old!

We teach student of all ages. We are the one of a few music schools in Jacksonville  that starts teaching piano and violin to children of 3 years old. For that purpose we have instructors who have special education and training in children musicology and children development which allows them to teach very young children to play piano and violin. Because the basic principal of learning piano and violin at the early age is the same as learning your first language –  children are engaged in games and exercises that keep them entertained and don’t  realize that they are being taught through it. This way children will have this skill as a natural part of their development. With violin we also use advantages of Suzuki method mixed with traditional way of teaching reading the music.

6. Music Lessons for Adults

30% of students at our music school are adults. We have very friendly and laid back atmosphere where student of any age can explore fun of learning music instrument or voice, get ready for an auditions, take music lessons as a hobby or relax from busy day and enjoy yourself by playing your favorite songs.

7. Long Standing Reputation

Wind of Change Academy is proud to have long-term students and teachers. We’ve been in business since 2009. Therefore, please check out our Facebook Page, Videos or You Tube Channel for our events’ pictures, videos and articles.

8. Convenient Schedule

Our music school offers the most convenient schedule where our students can have lessons any day from Monday to Saturday!  If your family takes several different lessons, you can be sure that it will be scheduled for your most convenience. For instance: at the same time with different teachers (different students from the same family) or back to back with the same or different teachers (different classes for the same student)

9. Open All Summer for Regular Classes

We do NOT close for Summer and we KEEP our regular private lessons all year around.

10. Discounts

We offer Family, Multi-Class and Military Discounts

11. Free Recitals

Recitals are great way of demonstrating students achievements. Plus – it is perfect self esteem boost for any child where students get to be the center of attention and receive positive feedback from the audience.

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