Beginner Piano Books

Beginner Piano Books for WOC Students

We like to start out piano students with Schaum set of beginner piano books. The way those books are written is very logical. First, students learn how to recognize middle C in both clefs (treble and bass). After that – one/two notes  per song in each clef are added. Those notes are taught in step by step order. This allows beginner student to understand relation between notes on the staff and keys on the piano. With this particular set of book students learn how to read music rather than hand positions. We believe it is the proper way!

Green Book: Education Notes, rhythm, key signatures, Frequency of Fun Kids playing songs       beginner piano books

Easy to Teach – gradual Logical Progression
Middle C time-tested approach Note Reading teaches both hands

Hand position diagrams and charts keyboard

Finger Power: Strengthening mussels force aimed at strengthening all the fingers of both hands with short, Progressive Studies.

Skills at this level:beginner piano books

Blocked and damaged a third of the Triad
Legato and Staccato
Development phrase
A variety of art
Parallel and contrast Motion
2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 Signatures

Note Speller: beginner piano books

Very effective for teaching Note Names Strengthens Middle C approach uses slogans Help Remember Note Names

Figure treble and bass clef Signs
Drawing Notes With proper placement of the stem
Accurate reading of sharps, flats, and Naturals
The names of the time value of notes and rests
Leger Line Notes
Half steps and whole steps

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