Best Equipment for Music Lessons

At Wind of Change Academy we believe that having best equipment for music lessons is one of the important key factors in achieving great results in learning any instrument.


That’s why in our school we have acoustic pianos as well as electric. Each instrument has it’s own purpose and mission. Acoustic pianos are perfect for advanced piano lessons where velocity of the instrument allows the student to create most beautiful sound. Electric piano – full size 88 keys+ weighted keys – is very good for voice lessons. Electric piano allows to transpose any song to any key instantly where the teacher can have the student working in the best range for his or her vocal abilities.


We have adjustable benches (moving up and down) that allow student to be on the perfect height in front of the instrument. Also important to use feet stools – if the student’s feet do not reach the floor – to insure correct back position while playing.

Age Appropriate Size Instruments

We have several full drum sets. With children size drum set we can start students getting used to the coordination of the set right away and not having them to struggle reaching the drums. Our guitars are 3/4 which is usually perfect for children ages 5-12. We have full size and 1/8 size violin to try, after that we send our students to Violin Shop where they get their arms measured for identifying the perfect size of the violin needed.


Large mirrors located in the rooms are used mostly for voice and violin lessons. Also violin lessons can greatly benefit from student seeing themselves in the mirror. We also soundproofed our rooms with double doors (Beach Blvd location) and special acoustic foam.