Children’s Music Lessons

children's music lessonsChildren’s Music Lessons are provided by professional music instructors at Wind of Change Academy. Most of our lessons are private & individual lessons. We are located at 14180 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32250. First step in getting children’s music lessons for your little one is to schedule initial lesson (try-out). That lesson will help you to decide if you like our school and our teachers. We offer 30 min for $20 or only 15 min for $10 for your convenience.

To schedule try-out give us a call: (904) 477 1552

Now let’s talk about the reasons of getting your child music lessons.

Have you ever been asking yourself a question: should I get music lessons for my child at some point of his/her development? Usually music lessons are considered by parents when their child is in ages 3-15. And also would it be beneficial at all or would it be a waste of time and money? I know I have been asked this question by my friends with children many times. The answer is yes. Even if your child is not musically inclined or specifically asking for music lessons, it is probably a very good idea to introduce them to some music lessons. There are so many benefits from this type of activity:

  • Most noteworthy – music lessons are great development boost and it makes the same effect on children’s brain as studying math or foreign language does. Music notes – it is system of the signs.
  • Helping motor skills because playing on music instrument involves perfect coordination of movements using multiple parts of human body: arms, hands, fingers, feet (pedal), mouth (woodwinds and brass).
  • Learning music is making children well rounded.
  • Self esteem boost and xperience of achievement. Also music lessons give opportunity to perform on public.
  • Music lessons is also a fun every day activity.
  • And finally – proficiency in music instrument or singing can give a great profession and help achieve better social status in the future.

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