Music Practice Guide

music practice guideMusic Practice Guide for Piano Students

So, your child is taking or is going to take piano lessons. Now you need to know how to get him/her to practice. Of course it is very important for a child to do good on his/her lesson and practice at home. But there is a part that you as a parent have to do to make the lessons  a complete success: help your child to practice for about 6 first months of taking lessons, after that period he/she will be able to do it on his/her own! Here is our music practice guide to help you with that:

1. Your child just had his/her very first music lesson with Wind of Change Academy.

Your teacher wrote home work in special practice notebook. As soon as you get home, have your child to show you what he/she learned by asking to play each new song 1 time. That would make your first practice! The reason you need to ask your child to play again at the same day he/she had a music lesson is because at the day of the lesson kids remember everything very well, so it’s still very easy for them, just like it was during the lesson!

2. Please, set the same time of each day for your child to practice.

The ideal time would be the part of the day when your child has the most energy (you would have to identify this time according to your child’s habits and activities). Have him/her to play each song exact amount of times (usually 2-3 at the beginning) recommended by your teacher. Please, follow this rule every day even if your child has a busy schedule with other activities, don’t let him/her skip a day, we want our students to get used to do their homework on a regular basis  to develop a practice discipline. 3. You have to sit with your child during whole practice time (about 10-15 min a day in a first few months), to make sure he/she play songs that they suppose to.  After each time of playing a song have your child to put a check mark next to it to make a record of each time the song is played.

3. Make sure that your child practices every day (1 day off).

It will make it easy, because a student won’t have time to forget what was explained to him/her during the lesson. And the day your child had his/her lesson is the best day to practice (after the lesson, not before), because, as we already mentioned, this is when a student remembers everything from the lesson very well.

If you have any questions about our music practice guide, please, give us a call at (904) 477 1552