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Music Lessons Jacksonville Fl12.  Reasons for Choosing Music School Wind of Change Academy:

1. Our Music School in Jacksonville Fl is offering the following classes:

 Piano Lessons for Kids, Piano Lessons for 3 year oldsAdult Piano Lessons, Piano Lessons for Beginners Singing Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Ukulele, BanjoViolin and Viola Lessons, Violin for Beginners, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar Lessons, Drums Lessons, Flute LessonsSaxophone Lessons, Trumpet Lessons.Music School Jacksonville Fl

At our music school we teach largest variety of music lessons. Classes are individual one-on-one sessions. We also have classes designed for 2 (great for couples, parents and children, grandparents and children, friends and etc.)

2. Most Qualified Teaching  Faculty  

We have 18 music teachers, they have college degree in music and/or professional performance experience.Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. With at least three music teachers for every instrument, we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn in your music lesson.

Music School Jacksonville FlOur Receptionists will be happy to help you with your lessons scheduling and will answer all your questions. They are patient, very friendly and yet professional.

3. First Class is only  $10 (15 min) or $20 (30 min)header-pic_5

At our music school we offer  15 min or 30 min first initial lesson to see if you like it. You can keep trying different teachers/instruments until you find someone that you really liked.

4. No Registration Fee/No Contract

At Wind of Change Academy we don’t believe in charging registration fee, we are very glad to have you with us and the work we do to register a new student is pleasure for us and we don’t need to charge you for it!

11217550_773605582755816_894166900609094506_nThere is NO contract and NO registration fee at our music school. Month to month payments. Also you can only take 1 lesson or any amount of lessons you like. If something is really good you will stay with it. If a business is trying to make you commit in advance, something is not right…We like you to come because you are enjoying your lessons, not because your have to!

5. Lessons for Children of all ages. Piano Lessons for 3 year old! 10639597_773603892755985_6416973350875877552_n

We teach student of all ages. We are the only music school in Jacksonville  that starts teaching piano to children of 3 years old. We have instructors who has special education in children musicology and music development to allow them to teach very young children to play piano. The basic principal of learning piano at the age of 3 is the same as learning your first language. This way kids will have this skill as a natural part of their development.

11406898_773601262756248_1573019182498316111_n6. Music Lessons for Adults

30% of students at our music school are adults. We have very friendly and laid back atmosphere where student of any age can explore fun of learning music instrument or voice, get ready for an auditions, take music lessons as  a  hobby or relax from busy day and enjoy yourself by playing your favorite songs.


7. Long Standing Reputation17707_773605312755843_1956891621250863679_n

Wind of Change Academy has a long-standing  reputation of excellence with long-term students and teachers. We’ve been in business for many years: check out our Face Book page for events’ videos and pictures. Click the following link to see reviews from our students: Reviews for our Music School.

10334324_652455738204135_3828447797696349256_n8. Convenient Schedule

Our music school offers the most convenient schedule where our students can have lessons any day from Monday to Saturday! We are open for appointments from 8.00 am to 9.00pm  and offering morning, afternoon and evening classes. If your family takes several different lessons, you can be sure that it will be scheduled for your most convenience. For instance: at the same time (different students from the same family) or back to back (different classes for the same student)

9. Open All Summer for Regular Classes

We do NOT close for Summer and we KEEP our regular private lessons all year around  (we don’t do camps).   music school

10. Discounts

We offer Family, Multi-Class and Military Discounts

11. Free Recitals

Read the article on Why Recitals are important

11393177_770798333036541_1327089037983547725_n12. The Promise

Both my husband and I each own a small business “The American Dream”.  Combined, we employ over 30 talented individuals that depend on our every move and decision for their financial livelihoods.   Our promise is always providing customers with phenomenal service, respect and accommodating to each need and situation.


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