Early Music Lessons for kids

It is no secret that we all want to give our kids the best opportunities in life. When it comes to their education there is also no exception here. We want our children to learn the best and from the best. Therefore a lot of parents consider earlyearly music lessons music lessons for kids.

There is no doubts that getting early music lessons is extremely beneficial to a child’s development. Children observe every knowledge and experience they are offered as a sponge would observe liquid. That’s why as a parent you need to be very picky of what you are surrounding your baby with. From our educational experience 3 years old is the earliest age where most children can successfully learn to play musical instrument.

At the age of 3 a child is most likely ready to follow teachers instructions. Also most kids can pay attention to what his or her music teacher is suggesting to do.

At that point the physical development is also at the phase where a child is ready. That means he or she is capable of pressing a piano key or ukulele string as well as holding a violin (appropriate size, of course).

We suggest that for early music lessons you pick only appropriate instruments. We recommend start with piano, violin (thanks for Suzuki method!) or ukulele to give your little one the best and most beneficial experience possible. Some children have very good sense of rhythm. It shows at an early age. In that case: consider drum lessons.

Even if your child took only several months of music lessons – it will give an amazing boost to his or her development and will enrich their early life experience!

If you have any further questions about getting early music lessons for your child, don’t hesitate to call or email us: (904) 477 1552 |   wocjax@gmail.com

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