Fair price for guitar lessons in Jacksonville

fair price for guitar lessonsWhen you are considering learning guitar, you are naturally wondering: what is fair price for guitar lessons? It depends on many factors that we are going to discuss in this article.

  1. In what city do you live. Prices might be different depending on geographics.
  2. Are you working with private guitar instructor or a music school?
  3. If you have guitar instructor coming to you or if you are driving to your teacher or music school.
In Jacksonville, FL area fair price for guitar lessons would be anywhere from $25 to $35 for 30 min lesson.

You also have to see if there any additional cost that come with your guitar classes. Always ask:

  1. Is there a registration fee?
  2. Do we have to pay extra for Recitals or Concerts?
  3. Is there a contract and additional fees for stopping lessons earlier.
  4. Can I buy only one class at the time or do I have to commit to the whole month right away.

All those questions need to be asked in order to make the best possible decision on identifying what is the fair price for guitar lessons in Jacksonville.

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