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voice coachWhen you are getting serious about voice lessons you need to find professional voice coach to work with. You might think that first thing you need to look for is a voice coach that sings in the style that you would like to sing. Although it is good for your voice teacher to be familiar with that type of repertoire, first thing you need to make sure of is that your coach has professional vocal degree. Your voice is your instrument and that instrument is a very fragile thing. You need to be careful on choosing a person who you would trust to work with it.

Another important aspect of vocal coaching: your teacher needs to be not only proficient at singing, but most importantly in vocal pedagogy and methodology. That means that your vocal coach needs to know HOW to TEACH  singing, not only how to sing.

From professional vocal training you should expect: proper breathing technique, control of your head and chest voice, ability to switch between them. Also you need to be trained on how to expend your voice range. Another important aspect is ear training. Healthy vocal habits should become the part of your normal routine.

It is not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended to learn how to read music. At least become comfortable with the notes in the range of your voice. Depending on your range you would have to learn treble or bass clef. While studying to be a professional singer it is great to learn how to play accompaniments with cords. Along with ear training it will unable you to play accompaniment to any song that you are working on by ear. It will make it a lot of fun too!

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